VILLAIN - An american tragedy

An award winning stage play co-written with Michael James Kelly and produced for the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

“Villain," a stage play that compares the lives of two families who have to deal with the aftermath of the same tragedy, the shooting of a black teenage boy by a white police officer. 

This modern tragedy examines the culture that portrays African American men as dangerous criminals and the consequences that carries in the justice system. Devon Clark, age 17, is shot by Officer William P. Thompson in Long Beach California, early one fall evening. “Villain” takes place in the 24 hours after the incident.


"Villain" premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June of 2018 where it was nominated for 4 awards and won the Fringe Producer's Encore allowing us to extend our run through July 2018.


*Best Female Director: Bernadette Speakes

*2 Cents Theatre Award for Distinctive Voices

*Conversation Creation Award


*2018 Fringe Encore Producers Award